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Synergy between people and processes delivers change
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1. Structure
We work with our clients to develop a streamlined organisational structure, designed for today’s needs and positioned for tomorrow’s ambitions, to empower and inspire their people to embrace change and drive success.
With the application of decades of experience, we help organisations ensure that they have the correct number of resources, of the right aptitude, attitude and mindset, in place to deliver their goals and ensure that capacity matches demand. Whether expanding, merging, consolidating or downsizing, we work ethically and effectively with our clients to ensure that the outcome is the best for everyone.
2. Transformation
Our Process – Agreement at every stage, we do not come with a square peg.
Analysis, data and observations of current operations and areas of focus. Quantifying the opportunity. Model potential future scenarios; using market-leading simulation software and processes, we can show you what the actual results will look like – decisions about the future should be made with as much insight as possible. Once a ‘future’ is agreed, we design the project and allocate resources accordingly. We bring the simulation to life and work with your people to coach, train and develop them, ensuring success. We tweak, readjust and finalise the new reality based on live feedback, to make sure that the solution is truly ideal. We ensure that the culture is ingrained.  Not just documentation, but real inclusivity.  A change of people's thinking…
3. Value Creation
We delve into the operational engine behind the financials. To evaluate and qualify any significant decision from evaluating an investment, to a technology purchase, to outsourcing services. Rigorous due diligence has never been more important than it is now. Operational due diligence needs to include a level and type of stress testing and analysis that previously was viewed as unnecessary. Outsiders provide an important balance to the process and bring a broader set of experiences to the analytic task.
This often identifies either hidden opportunity or risks.
4. People
Tools and systems are fundamental to success, but the skills and ability to utilise
them are just as important. When leaders and managers at all levels within an
organisation are given the tools to drive your business, combined with the right type
of training, great things really do happen.
changeology.academy is our online learning zone that delivers bite-sized, engaging
and relevant training to help you on your change journey. We provide a range of
different course material that can be tailored to your needs; standard management
aids, behavioural and psychological training alongside other bespoke skills help us
design a syllabus specific to your situation. This can be undertaken in isolation or
supported by one-on-one engagement coaching that translates the learning into
practical and tangible on the job results.
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